We specialize in all architecturally designed ceilings, from suspended drywall to acoustical tile, bulkheads to sound panels. This enables us to be flexible and provide our customers with expertise and quality workmanship.


The demand for versatile sub-contractors allowed us to expand from a company that only specialized in ceilings to a full construction company. On some projects, only 10% of the work is contracted out from our company because we employ 90% of all trades needed to complete a project. This should comfort general contractors, architects, and owners, making them secure in the knowledge that one sub-contractor can meet all of their needs. Work schedules are carefully monitored so that both us and our customer can share in the success of a project. It is always our goal to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Budget Pricing

As a competitive service provider, Foothills Acoustics offers free estimates so you don't have to worry about the cost of finding out the cost. With an accurate, professional approach to every job, you can work comfortably knowing we're comfortable with your work. Years of experience and memberships with many associations make Foothils Acoustics a brilliant source for any company in search of a professional service.