Foothills Acoustics encourages employees to consider an apprenticeship program. Not only does a ticket increase wages, but the knowledge taken back to the workplace is valuable. Individuals can opt for the following carreer choices:

"Wall and Ceiling Installation"
1. Lather (Interior Systems Mechanic)
  • steel studs
  • wall board
  • acoustic ceilings
2. Drywall Finishing
  • taping
3. Lath (Exterior Finishing)
  • stucco

Employees of Foothills Acoustics who show leadership, quality in their work, and enthusiasm to get the job done will advance quickly. Under the close supervision of our experienced staff and supervisors, you'll soon show quality workmanship and become one of the best at your trade leaving the door open for unlimited opportunities. Bonuses are available to those employees who excel in their trade.